About Concrete Floor Supply

We started Concrete Floor Supply because we felt that many other supply shops were just “selling products” and had very little, if any knowledge of what they were selling and offered a limited amount of products for concrete floors. This forced the one sourcing products needed for a job to hunt all over to piece together what was necessary.. Time is money…stop running all over town! Also, creating your own “systems” is dangerous and risky. Utilize our experience and proven systems.

We didn’t just decide to start selling supplies! We have over 14 years in the concrete flooring field. This experience comes from both contracting and consulting. We think you’ll find it hard to find another supply house that has actually done much more than a floor mock up, let alone ran flooring crews and consulted with clients such as Wal-mart, Sam’s Club, Cabela’s etc, like we have.

All of our products are priced on our website…no more guessing, or waiting until 8am to call the supply shop and ask “how much is a 5 gallon of….”. We ship our products quickly and efficiently all over the United States.

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