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Why is acid stain for concrete a different color in the bottle that what i want the floor to stain?

I purchased acid stain for concrete and the liquid looks different in the bottle than what I want my floor to look like. I purchased “English Red acid stain” and it is a pale green color in the bottle. Is this right?

Expert Answer:  Great Question.  Acid stains are a reactive product, meaning they react with the concrete.  Our “English Red acid stain” has a greenish color in the bottle, but when applied to concrete that is free of sealers and paints, it will react with the floor and turn a brownish shade of red.  The important thing to remember with acid stains is that they take on a mind of their own with your concrete and form all kinds of neat variations.  Have fun!

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Acid Stain

how to acid stain concrete

The Concrete Floor Supply “Acid Stain System” is a proven method to stain an ordinary concrete slab into a luxurious looking floor for a fraction of the costs.  The single component, acid based stain chemically bonds with the concrete to form various colors.  Our proven system involves easy to follow instructions to help you prepare, stain, and seal, your concrete floor.  Our acid stained system has become a popular choice for those wanting a stain that will chemically react with the floor and not chip or peel.  Acid stain kits are available for the ease and convenience of the installer.

  1. Properly prep surface.  Insure that it is clean, dry and properly profiled.  Diamond grinding is the preferred method for prep.  Liquid cleaners such as Super Blue liquid acid stain prep can also be used as a secondary choice.  Our supply shop rents diamond grinders in the Kansas City and surrounding area.
  2. It is suggested to use the cleaners with a low speed floor buffer and a black cleaning pad. Your goal is to clean all contaminates off the floor and to give the floor a “chalkboard” (matte) appearance after it is prepped and dried.
    • Concrete Floor Supply provides cleaners for various surface conditions
      1. Hot Strip = to remove black glue and paints
      2. Glu Gone= to remove yellow carpet glue and other mastics
      3. Super Blue= to open up the concrete (safe alternative to muriatic acid)
      4. Citra Peel= to remove cures and acrylic sealers
      5. Citra Pro= cleaner/degreaser to use on its own or after the above cleaners
  3.   Apply the acid stain using a pump sprayer and saturating the concrete with the stain in a random pattern.
    • Allow the stain to dry and apply another coat if desired or apply a secondary color of acid stain
  4. Clean the floor – after the stain has dried it is done reacting. Clean the floor with water and allow to dry
  5.  Seal with two coats of Concrete Floor Supply acrylic sealer
    • Use 3/8 nap roller (apply 2 to three coats….’thin to win’)
      1. Aqua Klear Coat
  6. After sealer has dried for 48 hours apply EZ Glow floor polish
    • Spray EZ Glow on floor and microfiber mop pad

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