Epoxy Color System


The Concrete Floor Supply color on color system is a solid color coating system for those wanting a durable solid color floor. This system is a pigmented 100 percent solids epoxy system that is self leveling and gives the floor a smooth finish. Used extensively for hangers, warehouse floors and garages, this system is easy to install as well as cost effective.

Step 1:

One of the key components is to ensure that the surface is free from sealers, dirt, oils, glues and other contaminants.

  • Use a Concrete DNA Satellite Pad; 30 Grit
      • Run pad fully wet
      • Utilize a 1:9 ratio of Super Blue to Water
    • Squeegee and remove water from the floor before it is allowed to dry. Leave floor clean of any dust prints or contaminates.
      • Note:
        • When using water to prep allow the floor to dry a minimum of 24-Hours before applying the coating.
        • We have strippers for glues and paints if these are present during prep.



Step 2:

  • After floor has sufficiently dried. Apply a coat of Epoxy M.V.B.
    • Mix desired Epoxy Color pigment into the M.V.B.
    • Squeegee onto the floor using a 1/8th notched squeegee
      • Walk through product in spike shoes
    • Use a 3/8" nap roller to backroll the product
    • Allow to dry until tack free and within the recoat window. If product has been down for 24-Hours more more it will need screened before recoating.

Step 3:

  • Apply a coat of Poly 80 Slow
    • Mix desired Aspartic Color pigment into the Poly 80 Slow
    • Squeegee onto the floor using a 1/8th notched squeegee
      • Walk through the product with spiked shoes
    • Use a 3/8th nap roller to backroll product
      • Monkey grip can be added to this coat for additional traction


Aircraft hangars
and anywhere a low cost, highly durable floor is desired


100% solids epoxy
Self levels on the floor
Very low odor and VOC compliant
Variety of colors available.
Outwears the typical painted floor many many times over
Good chemical and abrasion resistance
Easy to Clean and Maintain…it’s a seamless floor
Gloss, Smooth finish (matte finish also available)
Easy application steps
Application kits available


Color Chart