How To Tell If A Sealer Is On A Concrete Floor

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This is by far one of the most common questions we get when it comes to concrete finishing: How Do I Tell If A Sealer Is On A Concrete Floor?


And it’s pretty important, because before you can stain, polish or really do anything for the space in question, you have to make sure sealer is removed.


Why is this? Well the job of sealer is to do what?


Protect the floor (for the most part). And it’s pretty tough to add any colors or polishing to an area that has a coat of sealer on top of it, don’t you think?


So let’s go over how to tell if sealer is on the area you need, and if it is, how to remove it so you can have the effects you’re looking for.


Checking If There Is Sealer


For this, you need Super Blue or a similar product to it. And if you watched the video, this will make sense.


Basically, SuperBlue is a concrete surface cleaner, and when it is reacting with something in the concrete, you are going to see it react.


So when it’s poured on top of regular concrete, it foams and reacts with whatever is in/on the concrete, since that’s it’s job.


Well, if you pour it on concrete that has sealer, it’s not going to react because sealer isn’t something cleaner reacts with.


Nifty, right? If you want to see this in action, check out the video above, it’s going to make even more sense.


But now for the inevitable next question – how do you remove sealer so you can apply concrete finishing that will react with the concrete?


How To Remove Sealer From Concrete


So this is a bit more complicated than testing whether it has sealer or not, because you are removing material from the concrete.


For this, you use a combination of tools:


1) A Sealer remover like Citra Peel

2) A Black Stripping Pad

3) Diamond Pads


So as the video says, Citra Peel is an orange scented and natural cleaner. This remover is non flammable and water based so it is extremely easy to use.


What you are going to do first is apply the Citra Peel to the area in question. No need to apply extremely generously but you want to make sure you cover the area completely.


Next, get a Black Stripping Pad. These you need to run wet on the bottom of a low speed floor buffer, and that’s going to do wonders for lifting the sealer off the ground when combined with Citra Peel.


Finally, and this is the most important part, you want to follow this up with a Diamond Pad like our Concrete DNA Diamond Pads.


Basically, the Citra Peel and Stripping Pad are taking the sealer off, then the Diamond Pad is going to to etch into the concrete the grooves you need for the polishing and stain and new sealer to take full effect.


For info on prepping for a stain or polishing job, we put additional videos at the top and you can also see How To Use Diamond Pads To Prep A Floor For Polishing


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Stripping Pads

These videos use Black Stripping Pads, which you can find at the link below.
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