Use Concrete DNA™ Diamond Pads on the bottom of a low speed buffer, propane burnisher or auto scrubber

A professional grade floor application now easy enough for anyone to perform.

Cost effective starting as low as $.38 per square foot


The polished concrete floor level 1 produces a matte sheen polished concrete finish. This system is most often used in warehouse floors, shops, and industrial spaces where the owner needs a floor that is easy to clean and maintain, but is also concerned about durability and costs.

Step 1:

  • Utilize our Concrete DNA™ satellite pad (400 grit)on the bottom of a low speed floor buffer, auto scrubber, or propane burnisher.
    • Note: Pads should be ran wet
  • Floor Completion After Step 1


Step 2:

    • Make at least 2 passes overlapping each pass as shown below:

Note: If the floor has been sealed with a membrane forming Cure & Seal you will need to remove this. Ask about our Prep Kit. 

  • Floor Completion After Step 2


Step 3:

  • Squeegee dirty water off the floor and clean the floor.
    • Make sure the floor is free from dust marks and foot prints
  • Densify floor with Concrete DNA™ LS Densifier.  Apply at a rate that the floor stays wet with densifier for 15 minutes or more.  (Typically 300 to 500 sq ft per gallon)
  • Floor Completion After Step 3


Step 4:

  • Utilize our 800 Grit Concrete DNA Satellite Pad on the bottom of a propane burnisher, slow speed floor buffer or auto scrubber. 
    • Run pads with plenty of water making at least 2 passes overlapping each pass. 
  • Dry Burnish the a floor buffer and a 3000 Grit Concrete DNA Double Sided Pad

Step 5:

  • Apply Concrete DNA Polishing Guard by using a flat mop. 
  • Allow to dry and buff with a 3000 Grit Concrete DNA Double Sided Diamond Pad. 

This method is a fantastic way to make your concrete floor easier to clean and look better. Older floors may require you to start at a lower grit and successively work up in grits (50, 100, 200, 400......) with our Concrete DNA Satellite Pads

  • U POLISH IT ™- LEVEL 1 SYSTEM Complete



Warehouse Floors

Shop Floors

Industrial Floors




Matte Finish

Cost Efficient

Makes Concrete Floors Easier to Clean

Stops Concrete Floors from Producing Dust

Floors will Never Chip or Peel



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