slow set polyaspartic 85% solids

Aspartic 85 Slow Go



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Aspartic 85 Slow Go is a special order item. Please allow up to 3-5 business days before receiving this product after the order is placed.

Aspartic 85 Slow Go was developed for the installers that are a little apprehensive about the speed of Poly Aspartic. This product gives you more working time then conventional Poly Aspartic. Slow go is a solvent based, two component 85% solids polyaspartic aliphatic urethane.

The outstanding feature of this product is exceptionally rapid cure time of approximately 10-14 hours for for light foot traffic, but also has excellent chemical resistance, hardness, abrasion resistance and UV stability. This product is used for thinner mil’d systems.

Product is sold in 1.5 Quarts, 3 Gallon and 15 Gallon kits.

Please note: coverage rates vary depending on customer preference, prep and application techniques. Concrete Floor Supply and Super Z LLC do not guarantee precise coverage rates for this product. For more information on how to use the epoxy system please visit here.

Metal Grey
Metal Grey
Sable Grey
Sable Grey
Dover Beige
Dover Beige

Cure Schedules at 70°F

Pot Life 45-65 Mins
Tack Free; Dry to the touch 5-7 Hours
Recoat or topcoats 8-10 Hours
Light Foot Traffic 10-14 Hours
Full Cure; Heavy Traffic 24-48 Hours

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Container Size 1.5 Quart Kits, 3 Gallon Kits, 15 Gallon Kits
Coverage Rates 160-800 square feet per gallon
Solids by Weight 85% (+/-3%)
Solids by Content 81% (+/-3%)
VOCs < 160 grams per liter
Recommended Film Thickness 3-8 mils wet
Shelf Life 6 months in unopened containers
Compressive Strength 12,000 [email protected] ASTM D695
Tensile Strength 3,900 [email protected] ASTM D638
Ultimate Elongation 2.4%
Viscosity <1000 centipoise typical
Hardness Shore D = 80
Finishing Characteristics Gloss >70 at 60 degrees


This product has a two to one mix ratio by volume-merely mix two gallons of part A with one gallon of part B.  After the two parts are combined,  mix well with slow speed mixing equipment until the material is thoroughly mixed and streak free.  Avoid whipping air into the coating. Improper mixing may result in product failure.  This product has a short usable pot life of about 20-30  minutes which is substantially shorter than the actual gel time for the product.  Applying the product beyond the usable pot life can result in surface irregularities. When installing large area floors, it’s recommended to make smaller batches.  When pigmenting the product, add the desired amount of pigment into the mixing bucket first, then add the part A, mix and blend very well.  Once blended, then add the part B, and mix until thoroughly blended and streak free.


Use a brush or 3/8” nap roller to apply the mixed material.   Maintain temperatures within the recommended ranges during the application and curing process.  Properly prime the substrate.  It is best to maintain a wet edge to avoid roller marks.  Direct sunlight or high temperatures may cause visible roller making during application.  Applying the product too thick may result in solvent entrapment and product failure. Relative humidity can have a dramatic influence on the curing characteristics.  The product will dry quicker and have less working time when the relative humidity is higher while a lower relative humidity will lengthen the dry time and working time.

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