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Poly 80 Slow is our new, two-component Polyaspartic Alphatic Polyurea utilizing innovative nanotechnology. It provides a high gloss clear coating. Poly 80 Slow has a slower cure time which allows the applicator more work time to do larger jobs.

Poly 80 Slow can be used for most types of interior applications over a properly prepped surface. It’s superior penetration and bonding strength can provide abrasion, impact and wear resistance. Poly 80 Slow yields chemical splash and spill resistance and hot tire pick-up resistance and can be used easily in conjunction with quartz, chips and rubberized aggregate systems.

Pot Life 1 Hour
Recoat or topcoats 9-18 Hours
Light Foot Traffic 12-15 Hours
Full Cure; Heavy Traffic 36-48 Hours
Data Sheets
Data Sheets
Container Size 2 Gallons, 10 Gallon Kits
Coverage Rates 150-300 square feet per gallon
VOCs Less than 250 grams/liter
Shelf Life Up to one year from manufacture date in its original, unopened container stored at room temperature.
Appearance – Wet Clear
Appearance – Dry Clear and Very High Gloss

SURFACE PREPARATION: The concrete surface must be deemed mechanically and structurally sound, completely clean, and dry. To achieve the above desired results, a mechanical grinding method should be performed to an approximate 50-100 grit profile to insure flatness of the substrate, to remove surface impurities, and to profile the surface of the floor to a CSP-2, as recommended by the ICRI Technical Guideline No. 03732. If mechanical means of preparation are not suitable, it is recommended to prepare the surface with a muriatic acid solution of 1 pt. acid to 4 pts. water. Note, if using Surf-Prep as preparation method, the final rinse should contain a neutralizing agent such as ammonia or baking soda and water.

MIXING: Proper mixing is pertinent to application success. In equal parts (1:1), mix Part A and Part B using a clean, dry working pot (mixing container). Stir contents approximately 30-60 seconds. Avoid over-mixing or creating a vortex which could introduce moisture content to the mixture. No induction time is required prior to use, nor after mixing. If integrating anti-skid media agents, only do so after Parts A & B have been thoroughly mixed.

POT LIFE: Expected workable pot life after mixing Part A and Part B is approximately 60 minutes at a common temperature range of 70 F -80 F at roughly 50% relative humidity. Please note that higher temperatures and high percentages of humidity will shorten pot life, as colder temperatures and lower percentages of humidity will extend the coatings pot life.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Application of Ploy 80 Slow should be completed using a 3/8” synthetic nap, phenolic core roller, or a lambs wool cover for pigmented, stained floors, or media coats. Use a foam squeegee and back roll with the roller over media floors (quartz or chips). It is recommended to use only 18” wide squeegees and rollers. If considering using airless application method, consult the manufacturer prior to application. Please note that the use of pump-up style spray bottle may create visible bubbles, blisters, and pinholes and is not recommended.

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