Instant Medic Hard – 1QT UV Stable


  • Quick setting repairs
  • UV stable…doesn’t yellow
  • Grind or Polish in less than 2 hours
This product is estimated to be delivered in - business days after it ships. (Typically ships in 1 business day)

Instant Medic UV is a repair polymer for concrete grouting and patching that can be mixed with dry aggregates to mimic concrete. This product is UV stable, not brittle and self primes to the repair cavity. Perfect for polished concrete repairs or for outdoor exposed surfaces. Simple 1:1 mix. Comes in a one quart kit (a:b)

Solids = 100%
Mix ratio = 1:1
Temperature range = -30f to 120f
Compressive w/ aggregate = 5000+ psi
mixed VOC = 127 g/l

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