Garage floors are more than just boring concrete. People want them easy to clean and are using them as a place to watch the ballgame, a party room, or just want a nice clean area to work and keep their vehicles. The right concrete floor coating is typically the best option. Our floor coating systems go beyond the cheap products at the big box store that just don’t last. Professionals and individuals alike use our products to create a professional floor that looks great and performs. Read on for our top picks for your garage floor and what to consider.


Our “One Day Flake System” is by far our most popular. This system utilizes a UV stable product that is super easy to apply and UV stable so it won’t amber from light. This is a two coat system, a base coat with flakes added and a clear topcoat. The great thing about this system is that when dry grinding for prep the entire system can be installed in one day and walkable just hours later. This is the top choice for professional installation companies and those that want a top of the line look and performance out of their garage.


Want the look of the big box epoxy but know that it won’t work because you saw your neighbors coming up after a few months. Our “Everyone Flake” is a step up from the big box kits with prep tools, a super good primer (actually called “Super Prime”) and a Urethane that is UV stable, holds up to hot tire and is chemical resistant. This kit is for those that don’t want to break the bank, but also know the big box store kit just won’t cut the mustard.


Want your garage floor to have that clean, clear coat look? Our WB Clear System is what your looking for. This system features easy to use water based products with great durability from our Urethane. Although this system won’t give you the beauty and color the flake systems provide it will give you protection and an easier to clean floor. Add our Grip X for the ultimate traction in your clear coat..