Concrete Coatings Additives

Concrete additives offer a powerful way to enhance and customize your concrete floors. Whether you’re seeking aesthetic appeal, improved durability, or added safety, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each additive is key to making the right choice. Let’s explore four popular options:

  • Metallic Epoxy Powder: Transform ordinary concrete floors into captivating works of art. Offers exceptional durability, easy maintenance, and a unique visual appeal. Requires our Epoxy Flow 100. Make floors have a pearlescent and iridescent effect.
  • Epoxy Flakes: Introduce custom color chips and various texture sizes for a personalized and durable finish. Resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and UV damage. The most popular coating additive on the market. Great for garage floors, commercial spaces, basements, pool and patios.
  • Coating Pigments: Infuse your concrete with a wide range of colors and create a solid color floor or use to color your base coat of epoxy.
  • Slip Resistance Additive: Prioritize safety with enhanced traction and slip resistance. Easily incorporated into sealers or coatings, versatile for various applications. Effectiveness can vary depending on the product and application method.