Conrete Floor Coatings

We offer a multitude of concrete floor coating options including primers, urethane, epoxy, and polyaspartic polyurea.
Primer: Our primers include water-based and moisture-mitigating primers used for the initial coat of your concrete floor.
Epoxy: The epoxy line includes our Flow 100 available in various set times. This line is popular for base coats in solid color, to broadcast flake into, or for metallic coatings.
Polyaspartic: The Poly line is our most popular. These polyaspartic floor coatings are low VOC, easy to use, and offer top-notch performance. Many of these polyaspartics can be used for both base and topcoat.
Urethane: Our urethanes are water-based and used for clear coats primarily. They are low VOC, easy to install, and give great chemical resistance. Perfect as a clear over coatings like metallics or as a stand-alone clear coat for concrete floors.