Crack Repair Product



Question: How do I use a crack repair product prior to coating my concrete floor? Answer: In this video we demonstrate our method in repairing concrete using our Instant Medic - Hard Product. Mix the Instant Medic - Hard product together. This product dries very hard and fast!
  1. First you'll want to prep the crack using a wire brush on a drill. You can also use a cup type nylox brush for repairing larger areas. Check out our Concrete Floor Repair System for everything you need!
  2. While using the wire brush on the drill, you want to get the dirt out of the hole and then prep the sides.
  3. After wire brushing the crack, you can use a vacuum and vacuum out the area.
  4. Once that's done, you're ready to apply the Instant Medic for crack repair.
  5. The product will cure rapidly. (looks milky when dry) and can then be ground flush
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Instant Medic - Hard offers a pro grade product in an easy to use formulation. This product is a 1:1 product that is easy to mix and gets rock hard in minutes. Nearly any dry aggregate or powder can be mixed with this product to take on whatever color necessary. Need more information? Follow along in our Repairing Cracks in Concrete Step 2 and Concrete Crack Repairs Step 3 YouTube tutorials!