floor polishing pads



Question: How do you lubricate the DNA Satellite Pads and Double Sided Concrete Floor Polishing Pads when polishing concrete floors? Answer: It is preferred to use water for pad lubrication. However, you can run the pads either wet or dry, depending on the situation. If you run it dry, a dustless vacuum is a must-have! Most people run polishing pads fully wet. While doing so prevents any airborne dust from occurring.  You'll find running wet offers better refinement of the floor and offers your diamond pads the best life.  By the way our pads have diamonds throughout the entire pads so our 'pad life' is much longer than any other pad we have seen on the market. Our DNA Polished Concrete Cleaner in combination with water is also a great way to lubricate the pads as well as keep the slurry from being so thick. This cleaner not only lifts the dirt from the floor, but it is also specially formulated to harden the surface and maintain the sheen when used for the daily cleaning of polished concrete. Nano sized silica particles perfectly fill the voids in the concrete surface and keep the surface hard…thus more abrasion-resistant. The daily use of this product is your best insurance for a clean looking floor. By the way, we have an entire list of floor prep videos on our YouTube channel! Be sure to subscribe while you're there!