Instant Medic – Hard: Concrete Repair Kit


  • Professional Grade repair product
  • Make rock hard repairs that get hard in minutes
  • Re-coat same day….minutes later
  • The best product for coating projects
  • Can blend with many dry products…sand, portland, concrete dust, etc. to help match your floor
This product is estimated to be delivered in - business days after it ships. (Typically ships in 1 business day)

Instant Medic Hard offers a pro grade product in an easy to use formulation for concrete repairs. This product is a 1:1 product that is easy to mix and gets rock hard in minutes. Nearly any dry aggregate or powder can be mixed with this product to take on whatever color necessary. Great for quick turn projects where a quick, rock hard repair is needed.

Concrete Repair
Instant Medic- Hard

1. Prep area to be repaired
Remove any loose concrete material from repair area
Clean area with a Nyalox brush or wire wheel and vacuum free of dust

2. Mix Instant Medic Hard equal parts (1a:1b)
If adding color or aggregates: Mix pigment pack in “B” side
Pigments such as our Polish Dye, or our Indoor/outdoor dye can be added to the “B” side prior to mixing to pigment the product (only use solvent based dye products)
Sand can be added for strength and volume. 3 parts sand and one part mixed Instant Medic hard will make a trowelable (slightly runny) mix. It is not suggested to mix too much sand.
Other “dry” products such as portland, tile grout, etc. can be added for color and texture
Only mix small batches of Instant Medic Hard at one time (start off with no more than 8 oz’s in total). This product dries very quick

3. Pour Mixed product into repair area
Allow to slightly overfill.
If pouring into a crack, keep shoving more product into top of crack until it stops sinking into crack cavity

4. Clean excess product
Clean overfilled product with a diamond tool, or
A Flap disc (available at most any hardware store) on an angle grinder is also good at removing excess product. You must prep the repair product with a diamond tool not only to make it flush with the floor, but to add a profile before coating.

NOTE: Instant Medic Hard does not like Moisture. The surface itself and the products added to it (sand, polishing dust) must be bone dry. It is not recommended to use playground sand (sand from plastic bags).

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Question:Can I color Instant Medic?
Answer:Any bone dry product such as concrete dust, tile grout, etc. can be mixed in with the Instant Medic
Question:How quick does Instant Medic set up?
Answer:This product cures very quickly. Depending on temperature this product is able to cure enough to where it can be ground flush with the floor in about half an hour.

Question:Can this product be used in cold weather?
Answer:We have had customers use this in extremely cold weather. It can be installed well below freezing (-30F)

Question:Can I coat over this the same day?
Answer:Yes. Many are coating over this product in an hour or so. (Grind it to make flush and profile prior to coating). Many have utilized this concrete repair product in their one day coating installations.

Question:Is this product UV stable?
Answer:No. This product will yellow when exposed to sunlight. Most use it under a coating so UV stability is irrelevant. If you want something that will be exposed try our Instant Medic UV

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