Grow facilities are popping up everywhere and they have found that our Color Coat system is a high quality system that makes a great grow room floor. There are many benefits to this system. First it is a simple two coat system involving a primer and a topcoat. Both of these are the classic “dip and roll” application. You can squeegee and backroll the topcoat on larger floors if you like. Also this system dries really quick and many time both coats are put down in a day and walked on hours later. This is huge in our fast paced construction environment. Also the VOC content of both the primer and the topcoat are less than 50 grams per liter which is extremely low and friendly to both the user and others around as the floor is installed. The final result is a professional floor that goes well beyond paint and is in the same family as truck bed liner, is super easy to clean, and highly durable.