Want your kitchen to look clean all the time, or customize your floor to colors on the walls or business? The One Day Flake system is our most popular coating system. When used in a kitchen environment “One Day Flake” floors always look clean because the multicolored flakes help hide dirt. They also look clean because they are very easy to clean….rinse and squeegee. Our customers love this system because of the ease of installation and great color selection of the flakes. Add one of our traction additives such as “Wear Pack” for better grip in a wet environment. This system can be installed in a day and walked on just hours later for minimal down time of the business

One Day Color Epoxy Coating


This system involves two of our favorite products, Super Prime and Poly 90. Super Prime has great floor adhesion and Poly 90 not only performs but is super easy to install and dries for a quick return to service. This system will give a little more gurth to your floor as the Poly 90 topcoat is thicker than our WB Urethanes. Pigment both the primer and Poly 90 in medium grey would be recommended. Both coats are low voc which means there is not a massive odor that drives people out of the building. If you want quicker return to service, this floor is your choice.