More and more people are utilizing their existing concrete floors as their main flooring type throughout the house, and why not! With a home that is ‘slab on grade’, the concrete is already there and can easily be used for a beautiful, cost effective surface. Here are our 3 favorite recommendations when we get asked “what floor application should I do in my main living area”

#1: Level 2 Polish

The trend is toward a natural concrete floor for slab on grade homes and barndomeniums. So how do you have a concrete floor, but put a nice finish on it and make it really easy to clean? Our Level 2 Polish system is the answer. This system was modeled after the methodology used in big box type stores. Use successive grits of our diamond pads on a low speed buffer that can be rented nearly anywhere. This is one of our easiest systems and an affordable way to polish your floor and give it a great finish. This is especially nice with radiant floor heating underneath.

#2: WB Clear

If you want a “sealed” floor in your home this is a great choice. This system goes beyond typical concrete sealers that are single component and wear very easily. Our system uses 2 component products and offers a durable and chemical resistant finish. Consider this system opposed to our level 2 polish if your floor will be more prone to liquid attack. This system is available in gloss or matte finish.

#3: Stain

Want to use your concrete floors as the finished surface, but would like a little color. One of our stain systems would be perfect! We have two stain choices. Our acid system is reactive and has somewhat a mind of its own and gives that patina, modeled look. Our water based system is super easy to use and offers a super transparent color change you your floor. Both of these systems utilize our Super Prime Epoxy as the basecoat and one of our Water Based Urethanes as the topcoat.