Many just want to enhance their existing concrete to be easier to clean and more resistant during use and have a cleaner more natural look. We’ve modeled this system after what many national retailers, warehouse and manufacturing are doing to their own floors...polishing it with our DNA Diamond pads. If your concrete is in good shape without surface damage our polish system could be the thing for you. This system doesn’t utilize any “topical” products for those that just don’t want a coating. This is a super cost effective system and is a good option for larger garages. This system is very similar to what big box stores do to their new floors. If your floor is brand new and has a nice finish this is a great option. If your floor is older this system cleans it up nicely and typically leaves it with a clean looking satin finish. The consideration with this system is that you can’t add any traction additives as everything is “in” the concrete so it can be slick if your floor gets wet


Many simply want their floor ‘sealed’. The problem is most sealers for larger floors are single component acrylic sealers that don’t hold up to the wear and tear and quickly scratch and wear off. After seeing this for years we said “no more!” and offer our WB Clear system. Our system features our 2 component water based epoxy primer and followed by one of our water based urethanes (also 2 component, available in matte and gloss). This method holds up better offering more wear and far superior chemical resistance. We really like the matte topcoat as it keeps the sheen down (its more like an eggshell finish) and is tougher than nails.


For those that want a little more shine from their floor or for those facilities that needs some more diamond pad work to get rid of the ground in dirt and do some floor correction our level 2 polish system is a great choice.