Use Concrete DNA™ Diamond Pads on the bottom of a low speed buffer, propane burnisher or auto scrubber

A professional grade floor application now easy enough for anyone to perform.

Cost effective as low as $.54 per square foot

The polished concrete floor level 2 produces a durable, low maintenance finish that won't chip or peel. On brand new, hard troweled concrete floors this floor produces a very clean look similar to a Wal-mart or Sam’s club.

Step 1:

  • Run Concrete DNA™ satellite pads starting with the 50 grit pad. Utilize these pads on a low speed floor buffer, auto scrubber, or propane burnisher.
    • Note: Pads should be ran wet
  • Double pass each grit.
  • Run grits 50, 100, 200 (do not skip grits). Squeegee dirty water off of the floor between grits before it has time to dry.
  • Floor Completion After Step 1


Step 2:

  • Clean the floor thoroughly.
    • Note: Do not leave dust marks or footprints
  • Densifiy floor with Concrete DNA™ Densifier. Apply at a rate that the floor stays wet with densifier for 15 minutes or more. (Typically 300 to 500 sq ft per gallon)
  • Let densifier dry until floor is dry on the surface.
    • Note: It is best to let densifier dry overnight to further harden the floor If you are using our dye to color the floor. Color after the 400 grit pad, then apply densifier.
  • Floor Completion After Step 2


Step 3:

  • Continue polishing the floor with the Concrete DNA™ Satellite pads in the 400, 800, and 1500 grit (run these pads wet)
  • Thoroughly clean the floor
  • Floor Completion After Step 3


Step 4:

  • Apply Concrete DNA™ Polishing Guard by spraying it on the floor and spreading it with a microfiber. Apply at least one thin coat.
  • After it is dry and cannot be marked by touching buff with Concrete DNA™ Double sided 3000 series pad
  • U POLISH IT ™- LEVEL 2 SYSTEM Complete



Retail Stores



Warehouse Floors

Office Spaces


Basement Floors


Durable Finish

Cost Efficient

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Will not chip or peel



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