The dining area in a restaurant takes a lot of abuse wether it be from spills, chairs, grease tracked from the kitchen or just dirt brought in from outside customers. This is why we recommend only systems with tough clear finishes for these areas. In the dining area you want something that looks good all of the time, can easily be cleaned, and that doesn’t break the bank. We also recommend the final coat to be our matte finished urethane in these areas for great protection and too keep the shine down (the shinier the floor, the harder it is to keep it looking good all the time).


The most simple system that you could use is the prep the concrete and put down our Water Based Clear system. This is perfect for those that just want the “concrete look”, but want it to look cleaner and more ‘finished’. After prepping the floor with either a diamond grinder or our 30 Grit Diamond Satellite pad you simply apply the Super Prime (clear) wait 4 hours or so and apply the Water Based Urethane Matte. This provides a matte to satin finish that holds up to liquid attack and is very tough.


Our stain system can be considered an addition to the WB Clear System your just adding a stain prior to sealing. We have two choices in stain: water based or acid. Our acid creates a cool funky patina. You do have to rinse the spent residue from the floor which adds in the installation time. Our Water Based stain you simply spray down (microfiber it in, or just leave it sprayed), let it dry and then seal. Both of these stains work well when sealed with our Super Prime followed by our WB Urethane Matte or Gloss (if you like glossy)


If you have a really ugly floor or if you don’t want to see dirt on the floor, or if you have a color scheme in particular you want to got with a flake floor is a great choice. We have many stock colors of flake and also special order your dream blend. This is a great option for floors that will get excessively dirty like break rooms.