Retailers typically want a floor that is budget friendly, low maintenance and always looks clean. The great thing about our concrete flooring solutions is that you can utilize the concrete that’s already there, enhance it with one of our systems and accomplish the above goals.


Polishing concrete floors is the hottest trend among retailers. Sam’s Club, Wal-mart and the like have adopted the use of polishing their existing concrete floors to make them look nice and finished and also have proven to be easy to maintain and less costlier than any other flooring solutions. Our level 2 polish system utilizes diamond pads that can be put on low speed buffers, propane burnishers and even auto scrubbers to enhance your concrete floor. Used in conjunction with our All-Crete densifier (to make your floor harder) and our Polishing Guard you too can have an easy to clean, sustainable flooring choice. The great thing about our DNA pad system is that it doesn’t require the use of large specialty type equipment and doesn’t require experience to have good results. Floors that are in bad condition and that are rough, uneven, or have prior coatings are not going to be candidates for this system unless these things are corrected prior to which can be done with our OnFloor grinders.

One Day Clear Epoxy


Many retailers just want to ‘seal their floor’, we hear it all the time. Unfortunately what we also here is people and specifiers using “sealers” that simply aren’t going to hold up that well over time. These are typically single component acrylic sealers that will scuff and scratch easily and eventually require removal or waxing. Most retailers are trying to minimize their maintenance costs. Our Clear system utilizes two component products that not only have great floor adhesion when put over a prepped surface, but have great performance characteristics. Many like to use our water based urethanes (gloss or matte) or our Poly 90 as a topcoat (when you need a quick turn time). These products not only perform extremely well, they are low voc products which are typically required to be installed in retail spaces where others are likely operating next door. This system leaves your floor with a nice fresh look that is easier to clean and will perform better than polished concrete when chemicals, spills and other contaminations are a concern. You can also add traction additives to the final clear coat to better insure traction for your customers.


Is your floor needing a particular color to go with a theme? Do you want a floor that can be dirty and still look clean? Is your concrete floor ugly and a simple polish or clear seal won’t suffice your expectations. Our One Day Flake systems is the likely choice if you answered yes to any of these questions. This flooring system is a concrete floor coating that is highly durable, completely covers your floor with a flake color of choice (we can customize colors too), and is super easy to have looking good all of the time. This floor system is less costly in material cost to most any other floor covering and is made to perform. The materials are in the same family as truck bed liner! Also, we’ve made this very easy to install. Our Poly 90 which is utilized in this process is easy and fun to put down. We say, ‘if you can paint a dog house, you can coat your floor’. Prep your floor by grinding then coat our floor. This system is great for those that want a customizable floor color and want a quick turn around time (walk on just hours after topcoat). This system is also low VOC so there aren’t harsh odors.