Wear Pack is a very fine aluminum oxide that adds adds toughness and a light grip if added at relatively high doses.

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Wear Pack is a very fine aluminum oxide that adds not only adds traction to your coating, but also adds toughness. This product is big enough in particle size to add traction while not catching mop heads and other things used to clean floors. This product does help knock down the shine when used in heavy doses for those who want to also matte down the finish. Great for floors that get constantly wet.

Changes top coat to a highly durable and wear resistant satin finish

Tech Sheet

APPLICATION: Uniformly or sporadically broadcast as needed or stir in desired amount of aluminum oxide wear additive in to coating for 2-3 minutes. Additional stirring may be required if coating is left unstirred for an extended period of time. Add up to 3lbs of WearPack per one gallon coating.


Broadcast or mix in to top coats for a more durable satin finish 

WearPack aluminum oxide additive is packaged for 1 gallon of coating.

Please Note: It is always recommended to test the product in a small, inconspicuous area (on the same concrete substrate) for desired results prior to application. Coverage rates may very for all coatings & substrates depending on porosity, density, texture etc.

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