Concrete DNA™ Polishing Guard Matte


  • Protection for concrete floors
  • Matte Finish
  • Low VOC
  • UV stable
  • Increases resistance to abrasion, water damage, and chemicals
  • Super easy application (spray and microfiber)
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Polishing guard is a single component, water based, matte finish protective coating specifically for use in the grinding and polishing of concrete. This product can also be put on as a standalone protectant on interior concrete floors This product is a penetrating protector that offers concrete a UV stable, breathable protection that will not peel, flake, or yellow. This is a low VOC product.


All dirt, oil, dust, foreign contaminants and laitance must be removed to assure a trouble free application. Repair any damaged surfaces with a suitable product. Polishing Guard may be applied to existing, cured concrete of any age.


Stir material before using. Ready to use . This product is intended to be used as final polishing step when diamond grind/polishing concrete substrates. Normally, a densifier (silicates) is used in the early stages of the grind and polish sequence and prior to using this product. The overall process is dependent on equipment used, the equipment RPM and weight as well as
the desired gloss after the final polishing step. For increased shine, even finer and finer grit sizes can be employed.

Always apply a test area to determine the gloss and finish characteristics prior to commencing the entire job. Polishing Guard can be applied by a typical garden sprayer to wet the surface without any puddles followed by a lint free finish mop to assure a thin and even coat. When using the lint free finish mop, because the product dries fairly quickly,
make sure that the finish mop is used prior to the coating tacking off or becoming partially dry.

Do not allow over-spray to contact equipment or other surfaces. When applied correctly, no excess material should remain on the surface and the surface will look damp without free liquids. After the material is applied, allow the material to completely dry before completing the final polishing step. Keep floor completely dry for at least 24 hours after the final polishing step is performed.

Product is intended for indoor applications on concrete with a functional vapor barrier. Rise tools and sprayer with clean potable water immediately after use.

COVERAGE RATE 2000-3000 square feet per mixed gallon
ODOR Odorless
FLAMMABILITY Non-flammable
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