• Not film forming (will not peel)
  • Protects concrete from salt attack.
  • Invisible. Does not change the color of concrete.
  • The best protection for exterior broom finished concrete.
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Sustain is a colorless, non-flammable surface treatment that produces an invisible protective coating on stone, concrete, unglazed tile and marble that is water and oil repellent.

Sustain creates a chemical reaction within the concrete making the concrete itself “hydrophobic”. Many use this product to seal concrete floors and surfaces that are exposed to liquids and salts such as concrete driveways, warehouses and shop floors. The great thing about this concrete floor sealer is that it does not form a film and will not peal from the surface. It is also super easy to apply!

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COVERAGE RATE 100-300 square feet per gallon
DRY TIME 1-2 hours
TYPE Water based silane/siloxane shield
ODOR Very Low
TOXICITY Non-toxic
VOCS 0 gm/L
FLAMMABILITY Non-flammable
COMPOSITION Silane/siloxane solution

SURFACE PREPARATION: Prior to surface preparation, protect people, property, automobiles, plants and any other non-masonry
surfaces and objects from the material, wind drift, and splash, residue, and fumes of the material. Protecting and diverting pedestrians and automobile traffic is also recommended. Proper surface preparation is highly important. Use the proper cleaning detergent for the substrate at hand. It is recommended that
Sustain be applied on a clean, visibly dry and absorbent surface. Please note that excessive moisture inhibits good penetration,
which can reduce the life and performance of the coating.

The temperatures of the air and the surface are very pertinent aspects of applying any coating. The minimum temperature of the air
and surface must be at least 40°F during application, and for at least 8 hours after. If freezing conditions exist prior to application,
it is highly recommended that the substrate be allowed to fully thaw. Should this recommendation not be followed, the product may
not yield adequate protective properties. Also, air and surface temperatures should never exceed 80°F.

PRODUCT MIXING: Stir well before using. Material may separate during long term storage. Do Not Thin!

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Proper equipment should be used when applying Sustain. A brush, roller, or low pressure sprayer
should be used to apply. If using a sprayer, be sure the psi is no greater than 20. Set the sprayer to achieve a good, wet stream,
avoiding atomization of the product. Be sure that any container used for mixing or material handling is clean, free of any debris,
and uncontaminated. Before applying material, please read full technical data sheet for proper preparation, application, and to be
sure to follow all safety measures guide lined in this report. Always test any substrate before overall application to ensure desired
results. Please test using the following application instructions. Also, let the test area dry completely before final inspection and

HORIZONTAL APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: By roller, apply Sustain at a rate of 100-300 sq. ft. per gallon depending upon surface type and porosity. Broom out puddles until surface is penetrated. Re-apply a second coat. Less material may be sufficient for a
second coat. Once again, broom out any puddles until material has penetrated. This is a “wet-on-wet” application. Coated surfaces
should dry to touch in approximately one hour. The coated substrate should be protected from weathering conditions for at least 8
hours after application. A neutral pH surface may need several days to achieve full water repellency.

VERTICAL APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: For best results, apply Sustain “wet-on-wet” at a rate of 100-300 sq. ft. per gallon depending upon surface type and porosity, to a dry and absorbent surface. When using a sprayer, saturate from the bottom up while
applying enough material for a 4″-8″ rundown below the spray contact point. Let the first application penetrate the substrate for
at least 5-10 minutes. Re-apply the material; less material will be needed for the second application. When using a brush or roller,
saturate the surface uniformly, allowing Sustain to penetrate for 5-10 minutes. Brush out heavy runs and drips that show signs of
no penetration. The second coat is recommended for maximum protection.

PLEASE NOTE: It is always recommended to test the product in a small, inconspicuous area (on the same concrete substrate) for
desired results prior to application. Coverage rates may vary for all coatings and substrates depending on porosity, density, texture
etc. If applying by spray method, extended coverage rates may be achieved, but be aware that less material will be applied and performance expectations may be limited

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