U Seal It™ – Crete Seal Plus Ext. (matte version)


  • Great sealer for pool decks and stamped concrete
  • High salt and water resistance
  • Higher durability than traditional acrylics
  • Matte Version
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Crete Seal Plus Ext. is a non-yellowing, Matte version, siloxane modified MMA Perfect for exterior applications. It’s unique siloxane modified methyl methacrylate formulation provides superior water and salt resistance compared to standard acrylic sealers. This is a performance sealer great for pool decks and patios.
Can go over solvent acrylics (always test an area)
Improved resistance to de-icing road salts, pool decks with salt water pool systems, rain, sleet and snow are achieved due to our advanced chemical reactive formula.

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COVERAGE RATES 200-400 square feet per gallon
TYPE Siloxane MMA Solvent based acrylic sealer
ODOR Solvent
TOXICITY Harmful if swallowed. Avoid breathing vapors
VOC’S < 350 grams/liter

SURFACE PREP: Concrete surface must be clean and free of all contaminants and water. Do not apply if rain is forecast within 24 hours. If moisture is present or if the surface is not clean and free of all contaminants, the sealer may have white spots and have premature de-lamination and failure.

When applied as a Cure & Seal the Crete Seal Plus Ext. may be applied on freshly placed concrete when all the surface water has dissipated and the surface is damp (not “wet”).

Substrate temperature and Ambient temperature must be no less than 50 degrees F and not exceed 80 degrees F. If applied outside these limits the sealer may not achieve adequate film formation and may have excessive air entrapment, bubbles, blushing or hazing. The material performs best when it’s temperature at the time of application is between 60 F – 70 F.

MIXING: Stir well before using. Material may separate during long term storage.

APPLICATION: Apply using an 3/8” long nap roller cover using long even uniform strokes at approximately 200 square feet per gallon (maximum) depending job requirements, porosity and texture of substrate. An airless sprayer containing a .519 tip size may be used as well. Thick or puddle areas may prevent the solvent from evaporating and may be susceptible to moisture intrusion which may cause milky white spots. Applying too thin may cause sealer to prematurely delaminate, flake or wear away. Allow sealer to dry for 24 hours for light traffic and at least 48 hours for heavy traffic. If applying two coats, wait approximately 4 – 6 hours between coats.

PLEASE NOTE: It is always recommended to test the product in a small, inconspicuous area (on the same concrete substrate) for desired results prior to application. Coverage rates may vary for all coatings and substrates depending on porosity, density, texture etc. When applying, do not exceed 400 sq. ft. per gallon. Applying too thin of a coating may cause inadequate film formation or performance expectations may be limited. DO NOT USE ON BRICK.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 13 in

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