Solvent Based Dye System

Our Solvent based dye is a lightning quick way to stain/dye interior and exterior concrete.  So quick in fact, we have nicknamed it “instant gratification dye”.  This UV stable dye mixes with denatured alcohol or acetone and is sprayed on the prepped concrete surface.  Seal within minutes of application!  Unlimited color effects can be achieved with this dye system.

how to dye your concrete

Recommended Uses

  • Restaurants and bars
  • Basement floor
  • Game rooms and man caves
  • Schools
  • Driveways and Sidewalks
  • and other areas where a hard surface is being considered.

System Features

  • Mix with acetone or denatured alcohol
  • Quick dry….seal minutes later
  • Best choice when there are previous contaminates
  • Generally a more even look (translucent)…can mottled using more than one color
  • Can be used to fix stain that “didn’t turn out just right”


Burnt Orange
Dark Blue
Dark Walnut
Desert Tan
English Red
Fern Green
Light Green
Malay Tan
Saddle Brown
Terra Cotta
Vintage Umber

Super Blue

Super Blue is a penetrating concentrated descaler and concrete surface renovator. It removes lime, mortar, scale, rust and more. It is the safe substitute for muriatic acid and is combined with many of our concrete systems!

When using Super Blue in our U Stain It Solvent Dye System you will need to dilute the product 1:9. This will help insure that proper profiling and cleaning is done to your concrete surface. 

Citra Peel

Citra Peel is a non-flammable acrylic coating remover. It is highly recommended to use during the acid staining process because it will remove any cure or previous sealers which would prevent the stain from penetrating and reacting with the concrete.

To test if you have a cure or a sealer on your concrete you can use the water test. Pour some water onto you concrete if it suspends you either a cure or a previous sealer and you will need to remove this prior to any stain being placed onto the floor.

Solvent Based Dye

Our Indoor/Outdoor dyes or Instant Gratification Dye are a unique line of UV Stable, liquid dyes that color concrete both indoor and outdoors. These dyes produce an acid stain patina style finish in a fraction of the time.

Outdoor Solvent Based Sealer

Klear Koat is a solvent based, pure acrylic sealer that forms a tough crystal clear coating that seals, beautifies and protects all concrete surfaces.

If you have used our Solvent Based Dye System outdoors this is the sealer you will want to seal the concrete with.

Aqua Klear Koat

Aqua Klear Koat is a unique water based acrylic coating that will enhance the color and brilliance of an acid stain concrete floor. This sealer is equal to the typical solvent based sealer without the smell or the hazard.

If you have used our Solvent Based Dye System Indoors this would be the sealer you that would fit your needs.