U Stain It ™ - Acid Staining System

The Concrete Floor Supply “Acid Stain System” is a proven method to stain an ordinary concrete slab into a luxurious looking floor for a fraction of the costs.  The single component, acid based stain chemically bonds with the concrete to form various colors.  Our proven system involves easy to follow instructions to help you prepare, stain, and seal, your concrete floor.  Our acid stained system has become a popular choice for those wanting a stain that will chemically react with the floor and not chip or peel.  Acid stain kits are available for the ease and convenience of the installer.

U Stain It ™ - Water Based Staining System

Our Enviro Stain system is a safe and effective way to stain concrete surfaces.  This system features no VOC products and utilize nanotechnology to deeply penetrate the substrate with a permanent stain that is UV stable.  Not only do you have excellent color control, but the dry times are quick so there are less trips to the job-site.  No more cleaning of stain residue.

quick dry concrete dye

U Stain It ™ - Solvent Dye System

Our Solvent based dye is a lightning quick way to stain/dye interior and exterior concrete.  So quick in fact, we have nicknamed it “instant gratification dye”.  This UV stable dye mixes with denatured alcohol or acetone and is sprayed on the prepped concrete surface.  Seal within minutes of application!  Unlimited color effects can be achieved with this dye system.