A warehouse facility stores products and needs to keep them clean. If you don’t do anything to your concrete it will gather dirt and most of all concrete will continue to emit a fine dust if not treated. The great thing about some of the warehouse floor options is that they don’t break the bank, and they make your faciltiy easier to clean thus looking sharper and helping products being stored to stay cleaner.

Polish Level 1 System


Many just want to enhance their existing concrete to be easier to clean and a better appearance. We’ve modeled this system after what many national retailers are doing to their own floors...polishing it with our DNA Diamond pads. The pads are simple to run on low speed buffers available at most any rental store. If your concrete is in good shape our polish system could be the thing for you. This system doesn’t utilize any “topical” products for those that just don’t want a coating. This is a super cost effective system utilized by large facilities to provide a more durable, easy to clean floor.


If the added chemical protection is what is needed for your warehouse facility this system goes beyond what a polished concrete floor will do in terms of protection. This is a completely water based system using our two component epoxy primer (Super Prime) followed by our two component water based urethane (WB Urethane Gloss or Matte). Both applications are dip and roll style installs. These products exhibit unbelievable adhesion to the floor and great chemical resistance. This is a simple system that will hold up exponentially better than anything at the box store.