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Moisture Mitigator



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Moisture Mitigator is a special order item. Please allow up to 3-5 business days before receiving this product after the order is placed.

Moisture Control System is a 100% solids epoxy resin that offers superior moisture vapor transmission control. This product is a Class I moisture diffuser and is ideal in settings where moisture is an issue.

This is suitable for epoxy floor systems, vinyl tiles, sheeting, hardwood flooring and rubber-blacked carpet.

This product also makes a great prime coat for our metallic system and/or flake system.

Cure Schedules at 70°F

Pot Life 25-38 Mins
Tack Free; Dry to the touch 5-9 Hours
Recoat or topcoats 11-16 Hours
Full Cure; Heavy Traffic 3-7 Days

Quick Tech Look

Container Size 1.5 Quarts, 3 Gallon Kits, 15 Gallon Kits (Special Order)
Coverage per Gallon 90-94 square feet per gallon
Mix Ratio 2 parts A to 1 part B by volume
Solids by Weight 100% (+/- 1%)
Solids by Content 100% volume (+/- 1%)
VOCs None
Recommended Film Thickness 17-18 mils
Abrasion Resistance Taber abrasor CS-17 calibrase wheel with 1000g total load & 500 cycles= 36 mg loss
Shelf Life 1 year in unopened containers
Flexural Strength 12,200 psi @ ASTM D790
Adhesion 350 psi @elcometer (concrete failure, no delamination
Viscosity Mixed=500-1000 cps (typical)
Hardness Shore D=75-80
Application Temp 60-90°F, with relative humidity below 90%


This product has a mix ratio of 9.25# part A to 4.15# part B, which is a two part A to one part B  mix ratio  by volume.  Each kit is pre measured and should be mixed as supplied in the kit.  It is highly recommended that the kits not be broken down unless a suitable weighing equipment is available.  Prior to mixing product, premix both the Part A and the part B.  After the two parts are combined, mix well with slow speed mixing equipment until the material is thoroughly mixed and streak free.  Avoid whipping air into the coating. Improper mixing may result in product failure.  After mixing the product, pour the mixed material into another pail, and remix once more prior to pouring onto concrete substrate.

Product Application

Use a brush or ¾” nap roller to apply the mixed material.  This product can be applied using a notched, or serrated squeegee, then back rolled to maintain appropriate thickness that is recommended.   If using a notched squeegee, back roll the product at a right angle to the direction of the squeegee application.  Maintain temperatures within the recommended ranges during the application and curing process.  Do not use heating equipment that would produce carbon dioxide.  It is best to roll out the product in one direction, then back roll the material in the opposite direction, making sure the material is work  Concrete conditions and/or over aggressive mixing, can cause air entrapment.  If this occurs, use an air release roller tool prior to the material tacking off, to remove the air entrapment in the coating.  Outgassing, are pin holes or voids that develop when air is displaced, can occur, when the material is mixed and applied to the concrete. If the pin holes or voids occur, these areas must be grinded, and the area is clean and dry, and another coat must be applied.  If the pin holes or voids are large, then, they must be filled in first by making a small batch of the vapor barrier product, along with a thickening agent, and this mixture must be troweled in.  Once they have been filled in, then another coat of the vapor barrier must be applied to the entire floor, to form a continuous, void free, application.

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