Epoxy Flow 100


  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • 100 Percent Solids
  • Great flow characteristics…perfect for metallics, and broadcast coats
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Epoxy Flow 100 is our workhorse epoxy that gives you all the work time on the floor you’ll ever need. This product functions well for basecoats for flake systems or solid color systems. It is low/no odor and extremely easy to use with great leveling properties. This epoxy gives you plenty of work time on the floor. This product can be tinted with pigment for solid color floors, mixed with metallic pigments, or used as a broadcast coat. Comes in 3 gallon kits. Can be pigmented with Epoxy Pigment.

Epoxy Flow 100 is very easy to apply, and has great flow characteristics. This is a professional grade epoxy coating.

Please look at our “Poly” line of coating products for your clear coating needs. The “Poly” line is made for topcoats that require UV stable needs.

Epoxy Flow 100 is sold in 3 Pint, and 3 Gallon kits. There are 36 of the 3 gallon kits on a pallet

Please note: coverage rates vary depending on customer preference, prep and application techniques. Concrete Floor Supply not guarantee precise coverage rates for this product.

SDS Part A
SDS Part B
Container Size 3 pint, 3 Gallon
Metallic Coverage Rates 80-100 square feet per gallon
Epoxy Flake and Color Coverage Rates 100-125 square feet per gallon
VOCs Less than 5 grams/Liter
Recommended Film Thickness 16-18 mils
Shelf Life Up to one year from manufacture date in its original, unopened container stored at room temperature.
Appearance – Wet Clear; may show a slight haze while drying.
Appearance – Dry Clean and High Gloss
Pot Life 20 minutes floor time (approx.)After mixing 2 parts of Part A and B, you will need to pour immediately. DO NOT LET DWELL IN MIXING BUCKET.
Recoat or topcoats 10-16 Hours Minimum
Light Foot Traffic 14-18 Hours Minimum
Full Cure; Heavy Traffic 2-7 Days
Application Temperature 50 to 80 degrees

SURFACE PREPARATION: A fine to medium shot blasting or the use of a diamond grinding machine to
obtain a surface profile of a CSP – 3 to a CSP – 5 is suggested for ultimate adhesion. A test should be
made to determine that the concrete is dry; this can be done by placing a 4 x 4 plastic sheet on the
substrate and taping down the edges. If after 24 hours, the substrate is still dry below the plastic sheet,
then the substrate should be ready to coat. More advanced moisture testing kits should be used on
floors with suspected moisture problems. Epoxy Flow 100 is designed to be applied only to primed
surfaces within the recommended recoat window of the primer or previously sealed surfaces that have
sufficient adhesion to the substrate. Apply coating to a clean surface that is completely dry and free of
oil, dirt, grime, wax, detergent or any incompatible paint or coating. If applying to an existing fully cured
and fully adhered coating, the surface must be cleaned and sanded with 80—100 grit sandpaper. If
multiple coats of Epoxy Flow 100 are required apply the second coat as close as possible to the
suggested recoat time (see technical information section on this data sheet). Do not exceed 24 hours to
recoat or a light sanding may be needed for adequate adhesion between coats.

PRIMING: We always suggest priming your concrete with a moisture mitigating primer M.V.B. This gives
your extra protection from moisture that could possibly come up through your concrete. We also have a general use primer, Super Prime, that dries very quickly and has tenacious adhesion to concrete. Always let previous coatings become tack free and within the recoat window before coating with Epoxy Flow 100. If recoat window has passed, screen with 80 grit sand screen or similar and wipe.

PRODUCT MIXING: Pour a full pre-packaged kit of 2 parts of Part A to 1 part of Part B together and mix
well with slow speed mixing equipment such as a jiffy mixer until the material is thoroughly mixed and
homogeneous. It is suggested to mix in a new, separate bucket from the original package. Typically 2-3 minutes. Avoid whipping air into the coating. Improper mixing may result in product failure. POUR ONTO THE CONCRETE IMMEDIATELY AFTER MIXING. THIS PRODUCT WILL SET AND BECOME HOT IF ALLOWED TO DWELL IN THE BUCKET.

PRODUCT APPLICATION: Apply the mixed material with a brush, roller, trowel, notched squeegee or
gauge rake and then back roll evenly to maintain the desired thickness within the usable pot life time
frame, as well as the recommended temperature and relative humidity guidelines listed in the Technical
Information section. If concrete conditions or aggressive mixing causes air entrapment, then an air
release roller tool should be used prior to the coating tacking off to remove the air entrapped in the
coating. If the material becomes thick while applying and sticking to the application tools, stop applying
and discard the mixed material. At this point it has reached the end of the usable pot life. While applying
keep a wet edge to prevent streaking. It is recommended to work in sections usually using control joints
as dividers to ensure proper application results. Do not allow to Puddle! If recoating after 24 hours a
light sanding using a fine sanding screen may be needed to ensure adequate inner coat adhesion.

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