Instant Medic Hard – NO VOC


  • Rapid setting
  • No VOC’s
  • Sets in minutes
  • Rock hard cure
  • Not brittle like epoxy
  • 2 Gallon Kit (a/b)

Instant Medic Hard No VOC No Odor is a low viscosity rapid setting concrete repair material for making rock hard repairs with a tenacious bond to the concrete cavity.  This product is non pigmented allowing for the addition of many dry products to help match the existing concrete.  This product is a favorite of those doing coating products where time is of the essence.  Having No VOC’s and No odor, it is beneficial to those working in environments where this is a concern.

Question:Can I color Instant Medic?
Answer:Any bone dry product such as concrete dust, tile grout, etc. can be mixed in with the Instant Medic

Question:How quick does Instant Medic set up?
Answer:This product cures very quickly. Depending on temperature this product is able to cure enough to where it can be ground flush with the floor in about half an hour.

Question:Can this product be used in cold weather?
Answer:We have had customers use this in extremely cold weather. It can be installed well below freezing (-30F)

Question:Can I coat over this the same day?
Answer:Yes. Many are coating over this product in an hour or so. (Grind it to make flush and profile prior to coating). Many have utilized this concrete repair product in their one day coating installations.

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