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Polishing a concrete floor can take it to a whole new level. However, many customers aren't sure how complicated or expensive the process can be. Traditionally polishing concrete was done by having to rent or own really big grinding machines and getting many sets of diamond tools (many still promote it this way as the machines are expensive and so is the tooling). Although using big planetary grinders can produce a good result it takes a lot of money and time. Our Concrete DNA Diamond pads for polishing concrete save both time and money and is a methodology used by many in the retail segment.

What Makes a Concrete Floor Appear Polished:

To begin with, concrete polishing is a mechanical process. Essentially, the goal of polishing is to make your concrete surface shine. This is easily done on a smooth, flat surface. However, you might find that even your flat surface isn't as flat as you think it is when you look at a microscopic level. Flooring, especially concrete, has many pits and valleys to work with. This causes light to bounce off in a variety of directions, which makes the surface appear dull. The goal of polishing concrete is to help get rid of these grooves. When the surface is flatter, it allows light to bounce in a more controlled manner, which creates a better overall reflection.

What is the Process of Polishing a Floor:

To begin with, you will need a polishing machine. Polishing involves moving from a lower grit to a higher grit without doubling the grit value as you move up (i.e. you go from a 100 to 200, then 400, etc). As you move up, you will notice the floor looks shinier and more presentable.

Which Products Are Used for Concrete Floor Polishing:

Diamond tooling with our Concrete DNA Pads is one of the most essential items needed to achieve success when it comes to polishing your flooring. That is why we offer two diamond pads that can quickly and efficiently get the job done. These pads are both easy to use and will help leave you satisfied with your flooring. Best of all, they're both affordable. You also need a densifier for concrete which will make your concrete harder and more durable. Lastly you need to protect the floor with one of our Polish Guard products. Our most popular one is Polished guard gloss, however we do have a matte finish that is virtually invisible after application

Concrete DNA™ Diamond Satellite Pads:

Concrete DNA Diamond Satellite PadsThe first pad is the Concrete DNA™ Diamond Satellite Pad. These are professional grade diamond impregnated pads that can work well when dry or wet. They are available in 14″, 16″, 17″, 20″ and 27″ diameters and range from 30-1500 grits. This polishing pad is unique in the fact that it has a diamond resin material blown onto both sides of the pad. It also has diamond dots (satellites) that allow for a superior flat cut that no other pad can achieve.

Concrete DNA™ Double Sided Diamond Pads:

Double Sided Concrete Floor PadsThe Concrete DNA™ Double Sided Diamond Pad is one of the toughest and most efficient pads on the market. This pad is great for polishing some of the roughest floors, but it also great for many other projects too, like burnishing or cleaning. These pads are diamond-encrusted on both sides. Thus you can flip the pad over to utilize the other side too. These pads feature 13", 17", 20", 27" diameter and 200, 400, 800, 1500, and 3000 grits. With such a range in grit availability, customers will be able to tackle almost any polishing job with this simple and fairly priced pad.

U Polish It Level 1:

concrete polish systemThe U Polish It Level 1 System is designed to give you everything you need to get a great satin finish on your floor. This is a great system for brand new power troweled floors. In fact it is the same methodology that many retailers use on their new floors.

U Polish It Level 2:

concrete floor polish systemWith the U Polish It Level 2 System, you'll get everything you need to create high-quality polished flooring. This system for polished concrete uses more diamond pads than level 1. It starts at a lower grit so it offers more floor correction. This polished concrete system is best for older floors or ones with trowel marks or imperfections that you would like to minimize. Creating polished concrete floors will be easier than ever, no matter the products you choose. Before you know it, your home, workplace, or most recent project will shine with newly polished floors that aim to please. For more tutorials on polishing concrete floors, check out our polished concrete videos on Youtube.