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The Best Types of Indoor Concrete Floor Finishes

Not protecting your inside concrete is like not putting a roof on your house and just leaving the plywood.  It won’t last very long and perform.  Luckily, finishing concrete by sealing or coating the concrete is an affordable and durable solution.  The next question:  What is the best option for your concrete floor finish?  There are many options such as polished concrete, floor coatings, and sealers, as well as staining the floor.  We will discuss these here. 

Interior Concrete Finishing Options:

Indoor concrete floor finishes go far beyond the utilitarian gray slabs you might imagine. Today's options cater to every aesthetic, from minimalist chic to rustic charm. Let's explore the most popular choices:
  • Stains for Concrete Floors:

- Acid Stains: These chemical-based stains react with the concrete, creating a mottled, earthy look. Think rich terracotta hues, cool blues, and dramatic charcoals. stained and sealed concretePerfect for adding depth and character to living rooms, kitchens, and even bedrooms. - Water-Based Stains: Offering a wider color palette and more control over the final look, water-based stains provide a subtler, uniform finish. Ideal for contemporary spaces and those seeking a clean, refined aesthetic. - Sealing your stained concrete:  Of course, the most important part of durability for stained concrete is what you seal stained concrete with.  We go above and beyond in this department.  We only offer 2 component products because we have seen a drastic improvement in durability compared to single-component acrylics that most offer.  If you're sealing concrete outside we recommend an MMA product which would be our Crete Seal EXT. Elevate your space with the sleek sophistication of polished concrete. This finish utilizes grinding and polishing techniques to create a smooth, reflective surface that enhances natural light and adds a touch of modern minimalism. Perfect for open-concept living areas, entryways, and even bathrooms.  Think of it like the same thing that happens to granite to make a countertop.  Well…the same thing with concrete, it is honed and polished to a reflective finish.  walmart polished concreteWalmart and other retailers use this type of floor exclusively.  Many have found polished concrete is the perfect easy-to-clean concrete floor for their shop floor, business. warehouse or barndominium. Luckily we have a proven method that models the big boys that makes DIY polished concrete possible with our DNA pads that can be ran on low speed buffers rented at nearly all rental stores.  When it comes to ultimate durability and versatility, epoxy and polyaspartic reign supreme. This resin-based coating comes in a vast array of colors and textures, including metallics and decorative chips. Ideal for high-traffic areas like kitchens, garages, and basements, epoxy offers superior resistance to scratches, stains, and chemicals.  garage floor coating polyasparticPolyaspartics have overtaken epoxy in application due to their durability and ability to ‘flex’ and take floor movement Our Poly line takes it to the next level with only pure polyaspartic (no hybrids). Contractors have found that our Poly90 and Poly85 slow are the best polyaspartic floor coating for installs they do on a daily basis.  

Beyond the Surface: Benefits of Choosing To Finish Indoor Concrete:

  • Durability: Concrete floors are notoriously tough, standing up to heavy foot traffic, spills, and even pet claws with ease. Say goodbye to scratched wood or dented linoleum!
  • Sustainability: As a natural and locally sourced material, concrete offers an eco-friendly flooring option. Plus, its inherent coolness reduces the need for air conditioning, lowering your energy footprint.
  • Low Maintenance: Once sealed, concrete floors require minimal cleaning, making them ideal for busy households. Simply sweep or mop regularly to maintain their pristine beauty.
  • Endless Design Potential: From vibrant stains and polished elegance to textured finishes and decorative coatings, concrete offers a blank canvas for your creative vision.

DIY or Pro: You Choose:

The beauty of concrete floor finishes lies in their adaptability. Feeling handy? Tackle this project yourself with readily available tools and materials from dedicated companies like Concrete Floor Supply. Numerous online tutorials and guides provide expert advice and walk you through the process step-by-step.  The main thing to remember is that Concrete Floor Supply provides the highest grade professional products that most of the time are only available for the seasoned professional.  However, if you prefer a professional touch, connect with experienced concrete flooring contractors. They handle everything from surface preparation and application to expert finishing, ensuring flawless and long-lasting results.