Epoxy S & P 40WB is a specially formulated, low odor, two component, water based epoxy primer for interior use. Helps with outgassing.



Question: What do I put down to ensure I get a good bond and no outgassing in my epoxy coating? Answer: First, a good ‘bond’ comes with the proper prep. Typically, diamond tooling a floor and putting a scratch throughout the entire floor so it is uniformly dull in appearance.   Outgassing refers to the tiny bubbles that form in high solids epoxies if they are put on a porous floor that is ‘breathing’.  This causes bubbles to form in the epoxy that can be relaxed with a solvent spray when seen Better yet, you can prime the concrete surface.  If you want to better ensure a bond and minimize outgassing, our S&P 40 product is the one to apply. It penetrates the surface and forms a primed surface that minimizes gassing and also provides nice adhesion for the epoxy. Want to learn more? Watch our many YouTube tutorial videos here.