poly 80 slow



Question: What product is good to put on an epoxy coated floor that is ‘tire marking’? Answer: Most likely the epoxy type material installed is somewhat soft and not able to take ‘hot tires’.  You would want to:
  1. Degrease the floor by cleaning it with a black pad and our Citra Pro Cleaner.  Let it dry overnight. Put fans on the floor and make sure you get it ‘bone dry’.  
  2. Sand Screen the floor with a sanding screen around 60/80 grit attached to a low speed buffer that can be rented nearly anywhere.  Clean the dust from the floor by vacuuming , blowing, and microfibering. Apply Poly 80 Slow with an anti slip additive.
  3. Always test to make sure the coating you will be going over will accept this product.
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