diamond pad



Question: We would like to start using your DNA double sided pads to start cleaning our polished concrete. How do the pads attach to the autoscrubber?

Secondly, we are also looking for a product to apply and buff right after. We want to give it a newly waxed appearance. What do you recommend? Answer: Our DNA Double Sided pads fit on the bottom of an autoscrubber just as a red or white pad would. This is a very dense diamond pad. If you’re putting this pad on a auto scrubber or a high speed buffer with a centerlock device, the “Big Mouth” is good at holding them on. For a low speed buffer the pad drivers with spikes will work as does the pad drivers with good stiff brush like spikes. Additionally, be sure that you are not putting them on a machine with worn out pad drivers. If the pads are thick for your driver and you’re using a centerlock to attach them, you can smash the center of the pad down with your knee to flatten it a little. Typically, most customers use 3000 grit for daily cleaning.  They have diamonds throughout the entire pad so you get a lot of life out of a pad. Diamond Pad before polish guard Our Polish Guard product is what i would recommend for polished concrete. It goes down at about 1500 sqft per gallon with a microfiber and can be buffed 30 minutes after. You mix it 1:1 with water, so a gallon makes 2 gallons of product.
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