acid interior stain




Hello, we have a concrete floor that we'd like to try an acid stain system on. It’s for a rec. room, pool table, home theater, etc., not brightly lit at most times. Looking at a reactive acid stain, probably reddish-brown, that would make a marble effect, with glossy sealant. I was wondering if sanding the drywall sealant spill spots would be the best idea. It hasn't really been used other than by the builders for taping, sanding, and painting and is quite smooth. First I poured some water on it and it puddled and flowed. It did soak in after several minutes, but small puddles continued to flow and remain from a half cup of water after 5 minutes, so I would say it has moderate absorption. The floor is quite clean, I do not really see any of the brown paint on the floor, but lots of splatter from the white stuff that was used to tape the drywall.  Also, our tap water here is very alkaline, lots of sodium bicarbonate. I would like a marble glossy look and was looking at one of your kits, but wanted recommendations based on the project. The area is 30 x 28. Thanks!  


You would want to go buy our Interior Acid Stain System. Then you would use our 30 grit satellite pad for prep. This system also has options for sealers. Our WB Poly Gloss is a really good interior sealer and our EZ Seal and EZ Seal + E are budget-friendly interior sealers that also have a nice gloss. Our ‘Acid Stain System’ is a proven method to stain an ordinary concrete slab into a luxurious-looking floor. The stain chemically reacts with the concrete and forms various colors. Using this system for acid staining interior concrete provides the customer with a proven method for prep, a great stain, and a good selection of sealer options.   Acid stains are the most traditional way to stain a concrete floor. Metallic salts in the stain react with the concrete floor and become a permanent part of the floor that will not peel from the surface. These stains produce a mottled earth-toned palette ranging from tans and browns to black, greens, terracottas and blues. These stains can be applied to both new and old concrete.  They are also UV stable and can be applied both inside and outside. Remember these stains are semi-transparent and are intended to enhance the existing surface. They will not hide cracks or damage, but will likely give it some unique character…. that’s why it’s used! Product highlights:
  • Low VOC.
  • Utilize the concrete that’s already there.
  • The most budget-friendly low maintenance floor.
  • Professional Grade System.
  • Natural, reactive marbling effects.
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