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Question: I just polished, dyed, and used polishing guard on the concrete floor in my shooting range. I have your 3000 grit maintenance pad as well. If I want to get a higher gloss, should I run that pad wet or dry in-between coats of polish guard?

Answer: You just need to make sure your floor is clean before putting another coat of guard down. So, if the floor has been put into use for a period of time, the best ways is to clean it is either:

Diamond Pads to Polish Concrete


If you only have one 3000 grit double sided pad, keep it dry and only use it for dry buffing. Any dust type streaks from the wet cleaning will need to be buffed off the floor (dry buff).

If the floor has not been put into use, you can put one coat down right after the other without cleaning or buffing the floor. Many put down two coats, but three wouldn't hurt at all.


Do make sure you dilute the "Polishing Guard" product with water as it is a concentrate.
Then, dry buff the floor with the 3000 grit double sided pad. Be sure that the floor has dried after the Polishing Guard Application. This usually takes an hour or so.


You can buff with a low speed buffer (typically around 175rpm), but a high speed electric buffer, (around 1500 rpm) will create more of a "pop".
polishing guard
Some Polishing Guard highlights:
  • High gloss protection for concrete floors
  • Low VOC
  • UV stable
  • Increases resistance to abrasion, water damage, and chemicals
  • Super easy application (spray and microfiber)
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