how to use solvent based dyes



Concrete Floor Supply Indoor/Outdoor Dye is a very unique line of UV stable, liquid dyes that product an acid stain patina finish in a fraction of the time!

System Overview
  1. Properly prep surface. Insure that it is clean, dry and properly profiled.  Diamond grinding is the preferred method for prep.  Liquid cleaners such as Super Blue liquid acid stain prep can also be used as a secondary choice.  Our supply shop rents diamond grinders in the Kansas City and surrounding area.
    1. Concrete Floor Supply provides cleaners for various surface conditions
      1. Hot Strip = to remove black glue and paints
      2. Glu Gone= to remove yellow carpet glue and other mastics
  • Super Blue= to open up the concrete (safe alternative to muriatic acid)
  1. Citra Peel= to remove cures and acrylic sealers
  2. Citra Pro= cleaner/degreaser to use on its own or after the above cleaners
    1. It is suggested to use the cleaners with a low speed floor buffer and a black cleaning pad. Your goal is to clean all contaminates off of the floor and to give the floor a “chalkboard” (matte) appearance after it is prepped and dried.
  3. Apply the Instant Gratification Dye using a pump sprayer and saturating the concrete with the stain in a random pattern.
    1. Remember, Instant Gratification Dye is mixed with Acetone or Denatured Alcohol. Turn off pilot lights and extinguish any open flames.  Make sure there is good ventilation and personal protective equipment is worn.
    2. Allow the stain to dry (it dries in seconds) and apply another coat if desired or apply a secondary color of dye (typically darker and not 100% coverage)
  4. Seal with two coats of Concrete Floor Supply acrylic sealer
    1. Aqua Klear Coat
      1. Use 3/8 nap roller
    2. After sealer has dried for 48 hours apply EZ Glow floor polish
      1. Spray EZ Glow on floor and microfiber
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