concrete floor repair



Question:  What kind of polished concrete cleaner can I use to lift the white crystals forming on my surface?    Answer: The white crystals forming on your concrete are called efflorescence, a process that naturally occurs when water leaves behind salt deposits. You can clean efflorescence with our Polished Concrete Cleaner. CONCRETE DNA™ POLISHED CONCRETE CLEANER This Concrete Cleaner was formulated after observing literally millions of square feet of polished concrete throughout the country. We have come to the conclusion that more than just a “cleaner” is needed for polished concrete floors. We found that polished concrete will slowly break down over time because of the fine scratches that get put into the floor and the wearing away of the surface hardness. This cleaner not only lifts the dirt from the floor, it is specially formulated to harden the surface and maintain the sheen so that it can be used for daily cleaning of polishing. Nano sized silica particles perfectly fill the voids in the concrete surface and keep the surface hard. Thus, leaving the concrete more abrasion resistant. You may need to clean the surface with our 1500 Double Sided Diamond Pad, as well as regard and buff. CONCRETE DNA™ DOUBLE SIDED DIAMOND PADS
  • Diamonds through ought the entire pad!
  • The most economical diamond pad on the market.
  • Use on low speed buffers, propane burnishers and auto scrubbers.
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