concrete floor products to remove floor scratches



Question: What product can I use to remove concrete floor scratches and leave my floors with a shine finish?

  • Our DNA cleaner helps to clean the floor. You may combine this cleaner with our Diamond Satellite pads for a deep cleaning while also helping with scratches and sheen maintenance over time.
  • Secondly, if your floor is more severely damaged, you might want to use our 1500 grit satellite pad for a while (5 passes or so). Then, convert to the Diamond Maintenance pad.
  • Also, many people like adding our Polishing Guard product for further protection and shine. This also helps hide floor scratches. Watch as we use our DNA polished guard product, giving our polished concrete floor a beautiful shine. For more videos like this, visit our YouTube channel! More about our Concrete DNA Cleaner: This cleaner not only lifts the dirt from the floor it is specially formulated to harden the surface and maintain the sheen when used for the daily cleaning of polished concrete. Nano sized silica particles perfectly fill the voids in the concrete surface and keep the surface hard…thus more abrasion resistant. The daily use of this product is your best insurance for a clean looking floor. Also, be sure to take advantage of our Summer Special! Receive FREE SHIPPING on any order of $200 or more! [maxbutton id="13" url="" ]