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Citra Pro is a powerful, water-based, non-flammable concrete degreaser and concrete floor cleaner. Customers can use this product on all types of surfaces that can be cleaned with water. Citra Pro is a concentrated cleaner which removes oil, grease, accumulations and soils from environmental surfaces and removes wax and polish from floor tiles.

Citra Pro is highly recommended to be uses on garages, patios and driveways. Consumers can also use Citra Pro to clean metal parts, greasy surfaces of concrete floors, counters and equipment where a non-flammable degreaser and cleaner is required.

This concrete floor cleaner and concrete degreaser is non-corrosive to steel and will not attack aluminum at the standard 1:5 dilution. Citra Pro is pH controlled and does contain special corrosion inhibitors.

When using Citra Pro in light cleaning we recommended a 1:64 dilution. For heavier areas the recommended dilution is 1:5.

  1. Dilute the Citra Pro according to the surface to be cleaned.
    • 1:5 for heavy cleaning/degreasing
    • 1:25 for light duty cleaning.
  2. Spray on the cleaning solution to thoroughly wet the surface. For heavy accumulations, agitate with a scrub pad, or brush.
  3. Simply Wipe off the soil, or flush off with a strong water spray.
Data Sheets
Container Size 1 Gallon
Coverage Rates Varies depending on dilution of product per concrete contamination.
Type Water based, non flammable degreaser.
Odor Non-Toxic, Do not take internally.
Toxicity Low. Harmful if swallowed.
Flammability Non-Flammable
Composition Biodegradable surfactants and citrus solvents with non-butyl solvent boosters. Contains no EDTA or NTA.
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Weight 10 lbs
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