Super Blue | Concentrated


  • A safe alternative to muriatic acid to clean concrete!
  • Concentrated formula. Dilute with water 1:4
  • Use at stronger ratio to clean and etch before coating/sealing
  • Deep Cleaner for concrete


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Super Blue is a penetrating concentrated descaler and surface renovator that quickly
penetrates and dissolves lime deposits, mortar, scale, rust algae, stains and mineral sediments. Super Blue is the safe substitute for muriatic acid. Dilute 1’4 for basic cleaning. Full Strength for prep.

Super Blue is the safe replacement for muriatic acid to clean concrete, tile, brick and even glass and aluminum
frames to remove lime, scale, excess mortar, algae and stains prior to sealing or staining concrete.

Data Sheets
Container Size 1 Gallon
Coverage Rates (Undiluted) 150 square feet per gallon
Coverage Rates (1:9 Dilution) 1500 square feet per gallon
Type Penetrating acidic detergent renovator
Odor Pleasant
Toxicity Low; do not take internally
VOCs Low
Flammability Non-Flammable
Composition Biodegradable surfactants, inhibitors and acidic boosters
  1. Apply Super Blue by brush, spray or dipping. For spray use a very coarse spray pattern to avoid inhaling the mist and causing over spray.
  2. Allow it to soak for several minutes. Agitate heavy soil or stains with a stiff broom, then rinse thoroughly with water.
  3. Repeat application may be required on some stains.

Super Blue may be applied by brush, dip or spray. (When spraying, use as coarse a pattern as
possible to avoid inhalation of mist). Allow to soak for several minutes, agitate heavy soil or
stains with stiff broom then rinse thoroughly with water. Repeat application may be necessary
if heavy accumulation is present.

Note: Some types of stainless steel, chrome plating, porcelain on steel and polished
decorative aluminum may be discolored. Test before using. Do not use magnesium or zinc
(galvanized). Plastic or polyethylene sprayers and buckets are recommended for application.
Depending on the type of stain or soil, Super Blue may be used full strength or diluted up to
1:4 with water. Allow to dry completely before staining or sealing

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