• 0 grams/l VOC
  • Non Flammable
  • VOC compliant. Contains no carcinogens
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Removes: paints, urethanes, varnish, sealers and most 2 component epoxies
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Snot is a coating remover that is biodegradable, very user-friendly and environmentally safe. It is highly effective in removing even the toughest and most durable industrial coatings such as urethanes and epoxies from surfaces like metal, wood, masonry, brick and especially concrete. Our customers have also found Snot to be extremely effective at removing glues from concrete floors including yellow and black carpet glues.

Snot gives the user superior stripping lift of urethanes, alkyd paints, latex paints, lead based paints and varnish as well as most two component epoxy coatings and fusion bonded epoxies from all types of substrates.

Key Features Recomended Applications
Highly Effective on many coatings including indusitral grade products. Urethanes
This product’s stripping capabilities can save money over high cost mechanical stripping methods. Alyd Paints
This product is non-flammable and fully biodegradable. Lead Based Paints
VOC Complaint product that contains no carcinigens and does not deplete the ozone. Varnish
Contains 0 g/L VOC content making this product legal for sale to all regions of the US and Canada. All well as most two component epoxy coatings and fusion bonded epoxies from allt ypes of substrates.

Coverage rates vary depending upon coating build-up, surface porosity, texture of the concrete and application method. Excessive build up should be avoided.

Coverage Rate First Coat: 50-100 sq.ft. per gallon
Coverage Rate Optional Second Coat: 50-100 sq.ft. per gallon.

Data Sheets
APPEARANCE Pale-Yellow Thick Liquid
VOC 0 grams/Liter
Always apply to a test area prior to full application. This will show the time required for approximate project completion, suitability of product for paint and substrate and most effective method.

Snot was designed for spray or brush application. Airless sprayers are recommended. Use only airless equipment with chemical resistance. A common medium sized airless sprayer is capable of spraying this product. Other equipment should include brushes, rollers, scrapers, masking tape, plastic sheet, high gpm and psi pressure washer, electric drill with mixer empty pails for clean-up, running water and rags. Rollers are recommended for horizontal application only.

Cover and protect areas where stripping is not desired, including adjoining surfaces where over spray may travel. Plastic sheets have shown to be an effective barrier. If using masking tape, apply two layers of tape and remove the top layer immediately after application as the remover may soak through the tape, damaging paint beneath it. Plant life should be covered or washed thoroughly with water before and during application so as to not damage it.

It is not recommended to shake to mix. Using a drill mixer, mix until all product is uniform in color and of a creamy consistency; approximately 45 seconds per gallon.


Apply a thick, even layer of stripper onto the coating to be removed. An airless sprayer has shown to be the best means for application. Always start the sprayer pump at the lowest pressure setting and slowly build up the pressure until the perop fan pattern has been generated. High pressure and narrow tip sizes will break the strippers emulsion and affect its integrity. Snot must be applied at approximately 2 times the thickness of the coating being removed.

First apply a light coat of approximately 12-15 mils thick enough to hide the surface color of coating and allow it to dwell for 15-30 minutes and then build the rest of the stripper film thickness in a second application. Agitate Snot will only slow down it’s properties. If using a brush to agitate, make sure the underlying surface is completely covered with Snot.


When there are multiple layers of existing material, it may be possible that there is inadequate intercoat adhesion between some layers. Premature delamination may occur at this interface. Do not rinse with water between applications. Do not allow stripper to dry out, the stripper is designed to remain wet and effective over extended periods of time; up to 24-48 hours however, excessive sunshine, windy conditions or insufficient stripper thickness may cause early drying. If the stripper starts to dry, re-apply a light coat and allow an extended time frame for project completion.

Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 13 in

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Question:Does snot remove epoxy?

Answer: We have had great success with snot removing epoxy flooring…even 100 percent solids epoxy coatings. The key is to put the product on with a decent thickness and let the product dwell. After the product has time to work most often it can be scraped off, then a final clean with a black pad or our pad to remove glue from concrete on a low speed buffer. The great thing about snot is that it is environmentally friendly and won’t burn your skin and be harmful like many other floor coating remover products.


Question: How do I remove black glue from a concrete floor?

Answer: Black glue is something that is commonly found under older tiles on concrete floors. Sometimes black glue can be asbestos based so it should be tested before taking action on removing it so you know what you are dealing with. Although its not always the case, but when the tiles were 12 by 12 or other more common sizes the odds are it is not asbestos.
Our snot product has been proven very effective at emulsifying black glue on concrete floors so it can be removed. The common method is to saturate your floor with Snot applying it at 100 sqft per gallon or at a rate that ‘saturates’ the floor. Let it dwell for as long as possible and keep the floor wet for as long as possible with the product. Cover with plastic to slow the dry time. Removal can begin in as little as 2 hours and take up to 36 hours for the product depending on thickness of the coating, temperature, humidity and rate at which product is applied. Remember to keep the black glue wet with the snot product.
After sufficient dwell time the black glue can be removed by running a black pad wet on a low speed buffer followed by our 30 grit satellite pad on the buffer. Other means are powerwashing and scrubbing with a stiff broom.

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