OF20PRO 20″ OnFloor Concrete Floor Grinder & Sander

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  • Large 20” Cutting Path
  • Fit Through Standard Door
  • Heavy Duty Belt System
  • Up To 300 lbs. Grinding Pressure
  • Variable Speed Control
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The Onfloor 20Pro is a floor grinder, floor polisher and wood floor sander that can radically increase your diversity.

The 20Pro is a highly efficient machine equipped with Onfloor’s patented triple-belt planetary technology that provides a unique Spirograph pattern on the floor. The 20Pro is designed for multi-surface applications such as sanding wood, grinding concrete, polishing concrete and the removal of all types of coatings and adhesives. It’s light enough to sand wood yet heavy enough to grind, polish and prepare concrete at a high rate of speed. The 20Pro platform also incorporates Onfloor’s unique and patented tool attachment system. This system provides flexibility for the tools to follow the contour of the substrate and scratch it evenly. Therefore, minimizing the over grinding of high spots while consistently scratching the low spots.

The 20Pro is able to prepare more than 600 square feet per hour of concrete per grit on single phase 208-240V power. It’s all Fast n’ Easy with Onfloor.

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