Diamond Pads to Polish Concrete



Question: Can I skip grits when I polishing concrete?

Answer: It is not advised to "skip" grits. You are not removing the last profile you put into the floor with the diamond pad. Grits steps should not be more than double the last grits value. For instance, if you are using a 50 grit, your next grit should be double the value (100 grit). Moreover, if you skip to the 200 grit and eliminate the 100 grit, you are not able to successfully improve/remove upon the 50 grit pad. You will not have a successful polishing job by skipping grit values. Note: If you're working on a brand new floor that is finished very well, you can start at a higher grit. Once the starting grit is chosen, we advise you to not skip grit values as you successively polish the concrete. Therefore, we want to utilize the 200, 400, 800, and 1500 grit.

More about our Diamond Pads:

  • Grits (30-50) are ideal for quick preparation for coatings and overlays. We consider these our prep pads.
  • 50 grit is excellent if you are removing scratches from grinding and transition into polishing.
  • 100 grit is a great grit to start an older floor.
  • 200 grit is a concrete ‘honing’ pad. In addition, it is also a great pad to start floors in decent shape for polishing.
  • 400 grit used to revitalize a severely worn polished concrete floor.
  • 800 grit is an eye popping polishing step.
  • 1500 grit is a the final polishing step.
  • The pad can be flipped over and used for cleaning or burnishing. There are diamonds on BOTH sides! Watch as we demonstrate how we use our Diamond Polishing Pads In addition, check out more helpful tutorials like this, subscribe to our YouTube channel!