Gloss Finish is an affordable way to seal your interior floor with a glossy finish.

Step 1:

  • Prepare the floor with the Concrete DNA Double Sided Pad; 400 Grit.
    • Run the pad with plenty of water under a low speed floor machine.
      • Add a dilution of Citra Pro to help clean the concrete.
        • Other cleaners and strippers are available for other situations such as glue and paints.
    • Squeegee water and remove from the floor with a wet/dry vac
    • Insure the floor is clean of dust and footprints by lightly mopping
    • Let floor dry until the surface appears dry

Step 2:

  • Seal the floor with Concrete Floor Supply Ez-Seal
    • Ez Seal can be applied with a 3/8 nap roller
    • Apply at least 2 coats
    • Allow the floor to sufficiently dry before use; typically 24-Hours for light traffic

Step 3:

  • Utilize Ez clean for ongoing maintenance

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