Polishing Concrete Floors



Question: When do you densify when polishing concrete?
  • While polishing concrete, you want to densify after your 200 grit and before 400 grit typically, although we have customers that densify after 400 grit.
  • If the floor is ‘soft’, you may even want to add an additional densification step earlier in the process to harden the floor.
  • Also, if you're coloring a floor with our dye, most tend to wait to dye and densify after 400 grit.
    You want to accomplish two things when densifying while polishing;
  • Floor is opened where the desifier is able to penetrate down into your concrete.
  • Allow the densifier to chemically react with the concrete to make it harder. This is why we also encourage letting the densifier sit overnight.
    If you're looking for a "spray and walk away" densifier formula, check out our Concrete DNA™ Densifier CS.
    Concrete DNA™ Densifier CS is a penetrating, reactive treatment for all concretes surfaces using colloidal silica. It is safe, non-flammable and non-toxic treatment that reacts with excess lime in the concrete surface. This produces a permanent, hard calcium silicate deposit in the pours making it stronger, more durable and stain resistant.
    The DNA CS densifier is part of our U-Polish-It level 2 concrete polishing floor kits.
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