DNA Satellite Pads



Question: When using the 30/50 grit DNA Satellite Diamond Pads, will the profile be enough to accepts a solid color coating? A thin mill type?

Answer: You'll have to check with the manufacturer in regards to the profile they recommend. Our 30 grit Satellites Pads deep clean and put a nice hairline profile in the floor. These diamond impregnated concrete polishing pads are unique in the fact that they have a diamond resin material blown onto both sides of the pads. They also have diamond dots (satellites) that allow for a superior flat cut that no other pad can do. Using our pads with our Super Blue cleaner helps open up your concrete floor even further. Check out this deep cleaning before and after post! Sometimes customers don’t have the availability or finances to get a big grinder on their floor. Our DNA Satellite Pads make cleaning and profiling concrete easy. It is much better and safer than just acid etching, but you won't get as deep of a profile as you would with a big grinder and metals. Prep is key to a good coating bond. Watch this quick video on our Super Blue cleaner product: Not a Concrete Floor Supply Facebook fan yet? Let's connect!