Wait Between Staining



Question: How long can I wait between staining and sealing my pool deck? Also, what kind of sealant do you suggest? Answer: Most people like to stain and seal at the same time, although you can come back a week later and seal if you like. If you're going to wait between staining and sealing, just do a light power wash to clean the concrete and let it dry prior to sealing. If you feel like you're going to run out of sealer during the process, it would be advised to stop sealing at a saw cut line or a natural line in your pool deck. You can put another coat on at a later date. Just remember to always clean the surface prior. If your slab is porous, we advise you do 2 coats. Lastly, we recommend Crete Seal Plus Ext and Crete Seal Gloss for optimal sealing options. Some benefits include:
  • 350 VOC
  • UV Resistant
  • Used for all types of concrete
  • Resistance to elements
  • Superior adhesion
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